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Currently, we are updating this website. Marie-Laure de Beausacq is a multitask person, as artist, teacher of eurythmic (rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze) in public school. She has a polyvalent background has being a musician, dancer and some comedian activities from 1980. She has been teaching for about 25 years in various schools in Switzerland.

Marie-Laure wrote a few press release about music in this professional newspaper, in which you can find her release in archives. 

She also has been a singer with the group URBAN SAX

Then, from 2000, she started activities in journalism, she has made a few short documentary for swiss television as you find on this link! Those various short film documentary are portraits.




Later, Marie-Laure went in Russia to create fundraising project for www.homeless.ru 
Between Moscou and St-Pétersburg, they are more then 10.000 homeless adults. This experience increased Marie-Laure will to work for the benefit of humanitarian organisations.
Tanguy Daraine, Patricia Kaas manager,  offered us a concert in the benefit of Homeless Russia, but the organisation in Russia was not easy and we had to cancel this project. Marie-Laure also made a documentary about Valentin Afanassiev, this film is going to be edit soon, we keep you inform on this website.

This documentary story board is about a Russian Artistocrate, artist and painter, Valentin Afanassiev, as created a "Sound-Colour" system.  Marie-Laure realised a documentary about this 
marvelous artist conducting the Mozart Requiem
with sound lights and conducted by the marvelous musical director of St-Petersurb Capella: Vladislav Tchernouchenko

Later, Marie-Laure has followed University studies in social sciences, philosophy and she is graduated in education sciences.

From 2013, she worked to build the Presidency Key Brief swiss agency.
In march 2015, she published her first editorial in this magazine

See editorial in the authors-les auteurs. In December 2015, she published an interview with Bruno Oberle, Swiss Environment Department Minister, about the climat change issues COP21 and has built a lot of contact with COP21 representatives.

Marie-Laure has also been nominated as author on the Prejudice Ustinov Forum, a forum where people can express their thinking and publish text about Prejudice :

From February 2016, Marie-Laure has reach one of her goal to work in the benefit of philanthropic organisation, she is responsible and fundraiser for The Hunger Project for western Switzerland

please visit our swiss page

and our global main office in New-York
The Hunger Project : le projet faim



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Marie-Laure de Beausacq' grand grand mother was the Comtesse Diane de Beausacq who's you can find a lot of quotes on the net.

Here is the Facebook page :



Car l'histoire de nos ancêtres est une partie de notre propre histoire...
Because our family's story is a part of our present story...

"Il ne faut confier son secret qu'à celui qui n'a pas essayé de le deviner"
La Comtesse Diane"
"Tell your secret only to who's didn't try to discover it"
La Comtesse Diane

Comtesse de Beausacq
Was a model for Patou in Harper's Bazaar, up there in 1925...
de Beausacq family's tradition was for many decades oriented in helping the poorest...
Another point of vue, brings you the abilities to change your life, change your thinking, meet people with a deep human spirit, this is the goal that we would like to share here, with you
Step by steps, it will be more informations published in this website, thank you for your patience and your visit, best regards
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